• By Iveta

    The ultra modern color that will reign the world of graphic design, package design, fashion and home decor in 2018 is actually a blue based purple shade. Ultra Violet is an empowering combination created with just the right proportions of blue and red and it makes you feel the future happens right here, right now.

    Pantone announced the color of 2018 just a couple of weeks ago but it already made it into designs of all creative fields. The sense-pleasing shade of purple carries a vibe of innovation, luxury, and mystique which for many of us feels like a breath of fresh air. After a few years devoted to pastel and earthy tones, it was about time a bold color took the charge.

    We can tell the web isn’t rebelling. Quite on the contrary, many designs in various creative fields started popping, inspired by the ultra contemporary Ultra Violet. Here are a few:

    Thankfully, the color dictator Pantone has provided super handy tools for designers such as color codes in various color systems and 8 different color palettes featuring Ultra Violet. This is awesome news for all of us who want to experiment with this mystical purple.

    Each of the palettes suggests unique combinations with Pantone color of the year 2018. Some are more mystique and dramatic, others – more earthy and joyful. In the end, all results are enchanting.

    Being the artistic souls we are, we simply can’t help but catch the wave of the latest Ultra Violet craze. The most modern color for 2018 provoked us to try and experiment with our own art. We’ve decided to put a couple of our bestseller characters under makeover.

    We gotta admit, the new ultra imaginative color brought an ultra fun experience for all of us at GraphicMama. Here is the result:

    Hope you’re loving the looks. To honor Pantone color of the year 2018, we will release one Ultra Violet version of each character as a full set of 112 poses. Yay!

    To sum up, Pantone deciding to push the boundaries with this visionary color instead of playing it safe is a major step towards to the future of design in 2018, we believe. The dreamy color is certainly what designers need to boost their creativity and convey deep emotions through their designs in any professional design field. We are eager to see what awaits!