When it comes to promoting your business in 2018, motion graphics are everywhere. No longer is it enough to market your company solely through print collateral and an accompanying website – if you aren’t producing consistent media content, you’re falling behind your competition. Through animation and video, a brand’s story, products, and services can all be conveyed in a fresh and interesting way that is both engaging and captivating to its target audience. Below are some of the top motion graphics trends to keep your eye on this year:

Mixing 2D and 3D Elements
While not particularly popular in the past, the blending of different animation styles has been taking off as it’s been proven time and time again to create an especially compelling end result. Consider mixing 2D and 3D graphics that transform right before the viewer’s eyes, or integrating live action into the composition to add a human element.

Dynamic Typography
Emphasize the beauty of letter forms by animating words to tell a story via kinetic typography. Graphics, music, or a voice over are all ideal accompaniments to this type of video. When words are moving and transforming, it helps convey messages more clearly to the viewer.

Liquid Motion
This technique can be achieved by implementing a fluid motion effect that commands the viewer’s attention. The changing shapes are visually dynamic and bring a sense of momentum to your video.

Virtual Reality (VR)
As VR technology develops and becomes more accessible, why not implement it into brand videos to create an interactive experience for your viewers?